Pat Godin
Candidate for Maine State House District 139
Cutler, East Machias, Eastport, Lubec, Machias, Machiasport, Roque Bluffs, Trescott Twp., Whiting
“Because we all love Freedom and Fresh Air!”

About Pat

I have lived in Trescott for 32 years and recently retired from a career in education.

I came to Lubec in 1985 to take my first job as an elementary school principal - one of the best jobs I ever had!

Some of you may know me from a ten year stint as Office Manager at Whiting Bay Family Medicine owned by Julia Arnold, M.D.

I have two beautiful daughters who are now successful millennials with careers of their own. They attended schools in Lubec and Whiting, and graduated from Washington Academy.


I am a Registered Maine Guide which gives me an intimate relationship with, and an appreciation of the beauty that surrounds us. “We live in paradise,” according to my friend, Vera Francis, from Sipayik.

I couldn’t agree with her more!

I also officiate High School Federation Softball and Volleyball which keeps me involved in our local communities, and connected to the young people who will be inheriting this part of the world that we will one day pass on to them.

On the Issues


Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Computer Science (CS) are two of the most consequential changes we can make in our public schools. We need to provide access to these curriculum expansions as they will help our students compete successfully in the 21st century workforce. Our children should not have to move away to find opportunities in emerging technologies that are both eco-friendly and lucrative.

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Cyberspace Security

Maine has an obligation and a responsibility to become educated and pro-active about the recommendations set forth in the recently-released report from the Cyberspace Solarium Commission. Co-chaired by Sen. Angus King, this important report contains a comprehensive list of recommendations that are “legislation-ready.” If enacted, these would harden our defenses against the relentless and ever-evolving cyber attacks on our society. As a State Representative to the Maine Legislature, I will advocate for the creation of a state-level agency that will coordinate with the federal government to make sure Maine has a voice and a role in this important new frontier. We may be geographically distant, but we are not remote!

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National Popular Vote Compact

We have to overcome the limitations of the Electoral College that no longer serves the purpose for which it was intended. Let’s join the 16 other states that have enacted laws to allocate all their delegates to the winner of the Presidential popular vote. One person, one vote, the majority wins - just like how we elect people in every other type of election at every level of government.

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How You Can Help

$5 contributions from 60 just 3 more people to qualify for Maine Clean Elections Fund

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